water heater

In the Phoenix area, cold water from the faucet during the summer may not always be cold but Luke-warm. If your cold water is in fact cold, consider yourself lucky and be sure to brag about it. For the rest of us we only feel cold water during the winter months. Unfortunately, the hot water will also be cold if the water heater fails to work.

Water Softener Systems

The Metro Phoenix area and surrounding cities have some of the hardest ground water in the nation. Hard water is caused by too many minerals such as manganese, magnesium carbonate and calcium levels in the ground which gets soaked up by the water and makes it hard. Most cities use ground water to provide water services to residents and commercial customers and even though water gets treated before entering our homes there are still some levels of minerals in it.

Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters deliver comfort and convenience including from up to 40% energy savings, streams of endless hot water, unit longevity, and space-saving design.While most homes are equipped with conventional water heaters to accommodate hot water needs for the entire house, they are basically a large holding tank with a burner at the bottom that keeps the water at a certain temperature at all times. As the hot water is used, the tank will be refilled with cold water and will need to be reheated to maintain the correct temperature.

Hot Water Recirculator Pump

Stop wasting water from your bath, shower or sink waiting for it to get hot. This often happens due to the hot water in the pipes cooling off while standing for a long period of time without use.