Rinnai Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters deliver comfort and convenience including from up to 40% energy savings, streams of endless hot water, unit longevity, and space-saving design.While most homes are equipped with conventional water heaters to accommodate hot water needs for the entire house, they are basically a large holding tank with a burner at the bottom that keeps the water at a certain temperature at all times. As the hot water is used, the tank will be refilled with cold water and will need to be reheated to maintain the correct temperature.

Keep in mind that only the water in the holding tank stays hot but the hot water in the lines will cool off when it is not being used. When it is time to be used the water coming out of the faucet is cold and the hot water will take some time to reach the faucet depending on how far away it is from the water heater. This may take seconds or even a few minutes but the amount of perfectly good water going down the drain is not used and you will never see it again.

This waste of perfectly good water will still show up on your water bill and so will the cost of gas or electricity that keeps heating up the water even when it is not needed. We don't need hot water while we sleep or are away from the home while at work or on vacation but the water heater is just doing its job. If this waste of energy and money bothers you just know that you have an option of installing tankless water heaters.

Tankless water heaters will heat your water as soon as the hot water valve is turned on without the use of water tanks used by conventional water heaters. They also prevent running out of hot water from running the dish washer, laundry and everyone taking showers at the same time. No more waking up early to shower before everyone else to have all the hot water you want or scheduling what hot water use has priority over the other. And no more waiting for the water to get hot during cold winter mornings.

There are many benefits to installing tankless water heaters to your home. The most that stand out are endless supply of hot water regardless of how much is being used at the same time. You will also get more space in your garage by removing that large water tank from conventional water heaters and not draining it on a regular basis for maintenance wasting good water. And since the water will only be heated when used, you will save on your gas or electric bill by not keeping the water at the same temperature all day and night.

If tankless water heaters something you are considering to install in your home or backyard kitchen, be sure to give us a call. We provide free quotes and can help you find special offers or rebates.