Hot Water Recirculator Pump

Stop wasting water from your bath, shower or sink waiting for it to get hot. This often happens due to the hot water in the pipes cooling off while standing for a long period of time without use.

The hot water turns cold and waits to be turned on so the warmer water from the water heater can push it out through your faucet and down the drain.

Depending on how far the water heater is located from the faucet, it may take more than a few gallons of perfectly good, clean water to be wasted. How many times does this happen in one day especially during the winter months when hot water is used the most? If you have a large house and up to 4 or more people in your household, all that wasted water can build up to an average of 12,000 gallons per year or more.  

To prevent wasting perfectly good water, a hot water recirculator pump can be used to recycle all that cold water from your hot water pipes back into the water heater to be used again. There are several methods to do this depending on your needs.

The most popular method is to install a recirculator pump to your water heater and installing a return line from the hot line of the faucet back to your water heater. When the water in the hot water line cools, a sensor will read the dropped water temperature and turn on the pump to push it back into the water heater. In turn, the hot water from the water heater will flow to the faucet and the sensor will turn off the pump when it gets there. There is also a timer to set when the water needs to be recirculated, so you can turn it off when no one is home.

Another method is a pump that is installed under the sink eliminating the need for a return line. It uses a valve to pump the cold water from the hot water line into the cold-water line. It continues to pump out the water until the hot water reaches the valve right under the sink. This eliminates the long wait for hot water when turned on and preventing water to be wasted.

There are several other types of hot water recirculator pumps available which depends on your needs and your hot water system. Some have timers, some do not, others have more parts and others are similar but vary in cost. Call us today for an appointment and we will examine your hot water system to help you select the right hot water circulatory pump for your household.